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 Application Description


​’Without question, winning and retaining loyalty is the best objective any business – indeed, any organisation – can have….’
Terry Leahy CEO Tesco 1997 – 2011 taken from ‘Management in 10 Words’

By implementing the AlfaPeople Loyalty solution within your Dynamics CRM environment you will have a mechanism for rewarding your customers for their purchases as well as encouraging them to make repeat purchases.

The AlfaPeople Loyalty solution allows you to configure which products can earn your customers rewards. Products can be configured by country and by customer allowing you to segment your customer base and promote specific products by target market.

Your customers can be given access to your AlfaPeople Customer Loyalty Portal which allows them to log in and see their personalised reward catalogue, the points associated with those rewards and keep track of their current point balance.

Visitors to your website can sign up to your Newsletters or Mailing List using the AlfaPeople Mailing List Registration feature. They will then be automatically entered in your monthly prize draw through AlfaPeople Lotteries.

Our package includes a CRM 2011 Solution that works in all Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 environments. The portal can be deployed on either your own servers or in the Azure platform. This means that you can be up and running with this loyalty tool without the need for any new hardware. 


 The AlfaPeople Loyalty solution offers three elements:

Dynamics CRM Solution
  • Loyalty points are automatically added to a Customers record when the Products purchased are Invoiced
  • Same Product different Points
    • Configure product point’s value by Country.
    • Configure product point’s value by Product Group
    • Configure product point’s value for Preferred Customers
  • Rewards
    • Quickly Create new Customer Rewards
    • Add Reward images as attachments – No HTML needed
    • ‘Limited Time Only’ Rewards feature
    • ‘Reward of the Month’ feature
    • Create Reward Categories for better customer web experience
  • Redeem
    • View of all customer transactions
    • Automatic email notifications of details of points accrued / products redeemed
  • Use Them or Lose Them
    • Date based Point Expiration
    • Configurable Point Expiration emails


AlfaPeople Customer Loyalty Portal
  • Manage Your Account
    • Registration Page
    • Password Retrieval
    • View Recent Transactions
    • Update your details
  • Configurable Reward Catalogue
    • By Country
    • By Customer
    • Reward Categories
  • One Version of the Truth
    • Real Time Updates from and to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
    • Consistent data to support accurate real time reporting and closed loop marketing
  • Configurable Pages
    • Add your own images
    • Personalise your Confirmation Messages
    • Use your own Style Sheets
  • Cloud deployment using the Windows Azure Platform
  • Developed in ASP.NET Framework


AlfaPeople Mailing List Registration
  • Online Registration Form deployed in your existing website
  • Automatic creation of new Contacts or Leads in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
  • Schedule Newsletters and Special Offer Emails
  • AlfaPeople Lotteries
    • Reward your Mailing List members
    • Winners automatically selected
    • Configure communications to inform winners





 Membership Record


 Installation and Configuration


​​All installation of solutions follows the same procedures throughout.

Listed below are the steps taken in order to get the Multi Mail Selector solution onto your Dynamics CRM 2011 application.

  1. Within the CRM application, click on the settings tab
  2. Click on Solutions, located within the Customisations section
  3. Click on Import
  4. Locate the Zip file of where the Multi Mail Selector was downloaded
  5. Click Next
  6. The managed solution will start importing. (There is no need to publish as it is managed.

You have successfully imported the solution and it is now ready for use.

AlfaPeople Customer Loyalty Tool Portal is an ASP.NET portal and the configuration document will be supplied with the product.

User Activity Report

Effective user adoption is the absolute best predictor of enterprise software success. While there are several factors that can lead to poor implementation results, lack of user adoption is one of the primary reasons why CRM projects fail. The best-designed CRM system in the world is worthless if your employees aren’t using it.

User Activity Report

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